Short-term Lease

At Foss we realize the needs of your business may change from time to time and that you might have a need for a fit-for-purpose vehicle on a short-term contract. To meet these needs we have developed a customized and affordable solution specifically for business use called the Flex program.

What is It?

Flex is the solution for those companies who have unclear, fluctuating or short-term mobility needs.
This full-service mobility solution offers flexibility in contract duration and mileage, without any penalties if the mobility needs suddenly change.

Benefits include:

  • Lease Terms from 1 – 24 months
  • Full-service mobility solution
  • Simple contract
  • Early termination without penalties
  • Flexible mileage
  • Any vehicle category (Passenger Cars, SUV, Van, Trucks)
  • No end-of-contract settlements
  • Competitive rates

Why is this a great fit for you?

You will get the same great service with Flex that you receive on the rest of your fleet. By allowing Foss to manage your short-term needs it will allow you to experience the exceptional service Foss provides on all your vehicles. With strategic planning we can have any vehicle fit-to-purpose to meet your needs.

With Foss as your fleet partner, you have access to vehicle management experts who can help you determine if your fleet would benefit from other vehicle management services.