Your one stop shop for vehicle leasing and much more...

You might believe leasing is for big companies, running big vehicle fleets. That’s not the case.

A leasing solution can help even the smallest business get their hands on the best vehicles, while spreading costs and keeping capital working hard for growth. Pair this with Canada’s #1 fuel and maintenance program and you have a total mobility solution for your vehicles.


This is much more than a lease...

Easy Lease is a non-maintained open-end lease and is the simple way for businesses with unpredictable mileage and desire to own the vehicle at the end of the lease.

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Leave it all to us...

Lease Complete is a non-maintained open ended lease that comes complete with a fuel and maintenance card that helps you to control your complete vehicle operation costs with an easy solution

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Leave it all to us...

Lease Your Way is a non-maintained flexible lease from 6 months to 24 months that allows you to grow quickly without a long term commitment.

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FOSS Business Direct

We are much more than leasing company, we are a total vehicle mobility solution provider. Just leave it to us and we have the tailored solution for you.

We know that small to medium fleets bear a heavy load when it comes to building a business, so we’ve created some great leasing solutions to get to bring big leasing treatment to your fleet.


Key Benefits:

One-Stop Shop. A variety of flexible solutions tailored to suit your dealer business. From fuel and maintenance to upfitting, we can help manage every aspect of your fleet. Focus on running your business, and let the experts at Foss National Leasing manage your fleet.

Credit Line. A credit line to meet your immediate needs and support future growth.

Option to Buy or Extend. Lease Options with choice to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease, extend the lease, or walk away.

Fleet Management Card. Canada’s premier fuel and maintenance program card provider.

Fuel Card. Included with management card, accepted nationwide
Experienced Technician Support. A toll-free support line for dealers and drivers.

Available Emergency Roadside Assistance.

Dedicated Fleet Portal. Instant access to all your vehicles at the click of a button.

The Best Vehicle Choice for Your Business. We’ll find the right vehicle for you FIT-FOR-PURPOSE from Ford to Mercedes, we have every manufacturer covered.

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